In Which A Man’s Stomach and My Cooking Might be Incompatible


Not cooking is one of my favorite things to do. If someone inquires about my favorite food, I will frequently reply, “Food that isn’t made by me.” This is partially due to food tending to be more edible when someone else makes it and partially due to my own laziness when it comes to developing excellency in culinary creations.

(If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, things are CLEARLY unfavorable).

odds never in favor


But every once in a while, I am struck with the urge to do better–the impetus to try try again–the resolution that I WILL eventually make something that a man could put in his mouth without politely fighting the urge to remove it immediately.


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In Which Numbers Don’t Lie (….Or DO They?)


I understand that in the grand scheme of things, acquiring 100 followers isn’t a HUGE deal, (especially when I’m averaging a mere 15 hits per post); but I still wanted to take a moment to say thank you to those who, through the false hope of numerical accumulation, have inadvertently affirmed my pretensions of intending to someday  write something of actual significance.

It may seem like a mini milestone to say the least, but no matter how small, it is a milestone, and therefore deserves to be celebrated.



In Which I Address Ideal Readers


Dear Ideal Reader,

Yes, You, with the puzzled expression on your face.

Oh–you didn’t know you were my ideal?

Ok, OK– I’ll confess, if I WERE writing to the idealest of my ideal readers, I would be addressing a tall, dashing, deeply intelligent yet actively compassionate man of stability and means in possession of sound character, soulful eyes, slightly calloused hands, and an amused expression as he reads my blog and finds himself so utterly charmed by my scintillating wit that he feels compelled to send me a (well-written, erudite without being pretentious, humorous) email of introduction because he must know more about the fascinating creature who has penned such insightful reflections on her life. (But if that were a scenario which had even a fraction of a percent of a chance of being a realistic expectation, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog in the first place, now would I? ^_^) Which brings us back to you.

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In Which I Contemplate Brunch and Blogging


The Zero to Hero Blogging University has been a TON of fun so far!

I’ve “met” some awesome bloggers (waves awkwardly to all my new blogging buddies)


Hi, New Friends!

and found a TON of unexpected inspiration.

Most recently, some of the blogs I haven’t expected to follow (but have found myself engrossed in) involve food–beautiful food, whole food, organic food, complicated food–the kind of food that I could eat (and write about) endlessly but never actually have the time, dedication, or skill to make myself.

But if I COULD, if I had the time to maintain another blog, I would start a food blog–a food blog for people such as myself who have grand intentions but not even the hint of a kitchen-worthy clue.

The idea came to me through a deeply philosophical Facebook conversation in which some friends and I were examining the definition and boundaries of the term “brunch.”

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In Which We Revisit the Very Beginning


The Zero to Hero Day #3 challenge asks participants to write the post on their mind the day we decided to start a blog.

Since I’ve already done that, rather than reinventing the wheel, we can just revisit the night I decided to plunge into online dating.

A leap of faith?

An act of desperation?

You choose. ^_^

In Which My Ex-Physicist Provides Snow Sanctuary


It began as a normal weekday, save for the fact that snow was falling. Yep, you read that right: snow. In Mid-April. (Apparently, Winter never got the whole “out like a lamb” memo that was supposed to take place in March. If I ever find that deceitful little groundhog….)

I mentioned it began as a normal workday, right?

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In Which Catching Up With a Friend Turns into a Fine Dining Experience


There is a place about an hour from home, where old acquaintances can meet to reacquaint thanks to the proximity proffered by a business trip.

There is a place where the neighborhood is nothing special, and the exterior is drab, but he interior is warm dim lighting, crisp linen napkins, and jazzy swing music.

There is a place where presentation is a skill and salad is so pretty that one hates to disturb its artistic arrangement.


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