Ex Files: Snippets

“I mean this in the nicest possible way – you’re a terrible person.”
-The first line of an email message I received today.

More fun with dialogue:

User: (11/11/2013, 12 AM)

[As a general rule, I do not reply to “hey”, “hi”, or “hello”. So I ignored the message.The person, however, was persistent. Today, I received another message from the same user.]

User: (Today, 11:05 PM)
[Since he had obviously not read my profile, it was time to gently show him the light.]

Me: (Today, 11:07 PM)
I’d send you a picture of hay, but I can’t do that through this interface. If you would like to engage in conversation, you are welcome to do so, but “hey” does not a conversation facilitate.

He did not pursue the continuance of conversation. . .
Ah well.



4 thoughts on “Ex Files: Snippets

  1. Nathan "Rosy"

    Being called a terrible person is not always a bad thing. I’ve often been called terrible when I produce an exquisite sarcastic remark for which a friend has no retort. It is all about perspective.


    1. Heh. It was in response to my use of LOL in a message I sent. (Specifically because he had mentioned in his profile that any girl who begins and ends every written sentence with *LOL* should just “move along.”


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