The Ex Files: Lost in Translation

Because there is never a dearth of interesting POF exchanges, another ex-files post for today!

Mr. Ex:
good morning, how are you doing today, gorgeous?
[Click to his profile. hmmmm…. no pic. no description. not interested. Nevertheless…. ]

Me: [Again, sans sufficient quantities of caffeine]
Please read my profile and try again.

Mr. Ex:
it is a conversation started. I am originally from central Europe and English is not my native language

[Ten minutes later, after I had not yet responded]

too bad u are that shallow

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Shallow? Because I asked you to read my profile? Specifically the part where I reference that I do not want first messages referencing nothing but my looks?
Oh, poor deluded, European, I commend you for learning multiple languages, but I do not think you understand the definition of shallow.
Best wishes with POF.


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