Others Have Excuses– I Have My Reasons Why

Why POF?

Several people have asked me why I chose to go with POF rather than sites like ChristianMingle (my faith is a huge aspect of my life) or Match.com (infinitely more reputable–after all, you get what you pay for…. don’t you?).

I chose POF for several reasons:

1. Impulse Shopping

I am the reason that most retail stores have copious displays of incidental junk near the checkout counters. My decision to jump into online dating was a bit impulsive, prompted by the POF experiences of my coworker (Who bought me a piece of German chocolate cake yesterday to celebrate my promotion from part time temping to full time –best coworker EVER). I didn’t sit and deliberate between options, weighing the pros and the cons in a carefully thought out list. It was more like, “Hmm–I want to meet people, and this has worked for my colleague, so let’s have an adventure!”

2. Affordability

Many people say that when it comes to dating websites, you get what you pay for. And that may be true. The affordable (read: free) nature of POF means that the majority of users are broke 20-somethings, few of whom are looking for serious relationships because they aren’t in a position to be able to afford relationships  involving much more than frequent Redbox movie nights. (No, I’m NOT judging, because even though my last full-time position was reputable and career-worthy, I was living a frugal lifestyle consisting predominantly of meals like oatmeal and peanut butter sandwiches yet still barely making it from paycheck to paycheck.) That said, unless  they are lying, there are quite a few users who seem to have decent jobs and are looking for a relationship with people who also have a steady stream of income.

3. Amusement

Let’s face it. The entertainment value of people watching increases when the demographic base is increased. POF is the Walmart of online dating. Some classy people do occasionally deign to shop at Walmart. I’ve met a few people people whom I wouldn’t classify as scary, creepy, co-dependent, stalkerish, completely demotivated, or would-be serial killers. And the rest at least keep things interesting as you sift through the chaos in search of normalish people.

4. Casual Browsing
To be honest, I’m not taking this online dating thing too seriously. If I were taking it very seriously and truly intended to establish marriageable relationships, I would probably invest in match.com. That is the online dating site that has been most highly recommended to me and which seems reputable. [That said, let it be known that I am not putting anything outside of the realm of possibility. There is one young man from POF who seems nearly too good to be true. POF might just exceed my expectations after all. We shall see, though… we shall see.]
5. Christianese Crisis

I was a Christian Mingle user two years ago, back before they had the catchy slogan “Find God’s Match For You!” (every time I hear that in a commercial, I want to gag. I don’t want to use a program based on catch-phrase Christianity.)Though I know several people who have had positive experiences, my experience on that website was quite disappointing. I found that people weren’t truly serious about their faith [If I am going to receive scandalous propositions and be subjected to pictures of guys posing half-naked in front of mirrors, I would far rather have it be from a non-faith-affiliated party] or they were so serious about their faith that they had a list of dozens of doctrine-based questions for which they require a “correct” answer before they would be willing to get to know a person. Granted, agreeing on fundamentals of one’s faith is important, but goodness–really? Throughout the course of my dating experience, I have discovered that a successful relationship requires far more than agreement on a list of key doctrinal tenets.


Sometimes, no matter how many reasons there are for doing something, the why’s are not necessarily WHY. Why did I choose POF? Maybe that’s the wrong question. Perhaps a better question would be: Why did it take me so long to be willing to try it out?
(Does anyone know where the title from this post comes from? Bonus points if you do ^_^)

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