Ex Files: Outdoorsman With a Sweet Tooth

Received today:

“What sort of outdoor activities do you like?”

That was it. No introduction. No salutation or general greeting. Let’s just cut straight to the point, shall we? Direct. And it really wouldn’t be so bad except that there isn’t terribly much in my profile about outdoorsy-ness. I include that I like being outdoors but that my love of nature is supremely hampered by a deep and virulent loathing of spiders.

Nevertheless, I decided to check out his profile just to see what he might have to say about himself.

He seems like a decent fellow. He writes in full sentences, uses paragraph form, and capitalizes the beginning of each sentence (as well as the personal pronoun “I”). He mentions about five times. though, how much he enjoys the outdoors.

I’m probably not his ideal match, especially considering that he writes he is looking for a girl who likes the outdoors, who is sweet, and who is down to earth.

Down to earth? yeah… not so much.

So, I replied:

“Well, Michael,
I enjoy various outdoor activities; however, since you are looking for a “sweet” girl, I won’t waste your time by listing them. (My profile indicates aspirations of world domination, so I don’t think I’m your type.)


(At least this fish seemed decent, quite pleasant, and grammatical. I wish him luck in his quest for a girl who is sweet, down to earth, and a little less evil-overlordship inclined.)


8 thoughts on “Ex Files: Outdoorsman With a Sweet Tooth

  1. Adrea

    Ha, I love your response to him! I’ve left a couple of honest answers back – most recently when a guy emailed me that I seemed like a good conservative girl and I replied boy had you read me wrong if that’s what you think but don’t worry because there are plenty of conservative girls in this county so you’ll have no problem finding one. He didn’t reply. 😉


    1. I’m hoping this is a progression honesty. I’m usually not that direct with people in the “okay, let me tell you what I actually think” department. But I don’t want it to stop at just keyboard courage. I think it’s ridiculous when people use the anonymity of a keyboard to be vicious. I fear becoming that. I aspire to be a person who exercises candor in both written and face-to-face interaction (along with discretion! ^_^)

      I’m hoping that these email responses will provide a good first step.


    1. Time is far too valuable to waste. I feel bad leading someone on, even a little bit, if I know I’m not going to be interested.

      This guy, I used as an example because it’s not always something that’s WRONG. (I’ve posted a lot of examples of guys who are just plain wrong.) This guy has nothing wrong with him. We are just looking for different things. And he seems nice, so I hope he finds them (with a girl who is sweeter than I ^_^)


  2. Sugar Bear

    Ahh…..you might be misjudging him. Remember…..spiders are everywhere and are one of the worlds most abundant creatures. Second, he is obviously not one to waste words….hence the direct approach (which is also a plus as it’s difficult to misinterpret somebody like that. Also consider that world domination is usually done outside as well. He might be the perfect soul mate…..then again, he might be a lumberjack without an axe.


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