Ex Files: Failure to Communicate

Merry Belated Christmas! I’ve been gone for a bit (much to share about car trouble, new nephews, and stun gun acquisition) but for now, a glimpse of POF nonsense:

He wrote: 

OK so I’ll be honest here this is probably going to be a waste of my time but what the heck lol hi lol my name is J** a little about me I’m a pretty laid back guy not big into the bar scene any more if I have a few its usually with a few friends and a fire I have a good job but I’m gone during the week but get weekends and winters off I do have a place but my sister and brother live there so I rent lol long story lol I have no kids buuuuuut lol I do a lot with my exes boy he’s 10 he’s a good kid we’ve been apart almost two years but he was a year old when we met and his dad is about worthless lol well I’ve probably bored you enough so if for some odd reason you’d like to chat hit me up you seem pretty cool and sane compared to a lot on here lol

I replied: 

You will probably have better luck if

A) you write personalized messages that don’t contain a bunch of copied and pasted information making no reference to the information in the profile of the person you are messaging.

B) You don’t begin your message with an attempted guilt trip. Any time a guy sends me a message containing, “This will probably be a waste of my time,” that is exactly what it becomes.

Best wishes as you continue your search,

Using punctuation would have made an incredibly worthy C (I mean, come on, if you are going to copy and paste a message, the least you can do is take the time to proofread your copy), but I figured I had already been harsh enough.  (my inner grammarian was definitely twitching, though >_<)


5 thoughts on “Ex Files: Failure to Communicate

  1. wineandwaffles

    Ugh….that message was cringe worthy. Use punctuation people! Whenever I get a message with no periods I read it as such. I tried with this one but almost passed out halfway through due to lack of oxygen. Also….WAY too many “lol’s” especially considering he said zero funny things.


    1. Indeed, I was curious about what he found so laughable but then decided not to ask, as that might evoke a response (and continued communication is definitely NOT on my agenda).

      What’s sad is that he will probably assume he isn’t getting much female response due to the kid factor and women being too shallow to want to date a guy with a kid…. >_<


  2. I’m pretty sure that’s the longest run on sentence I have ever seen. Maybe he uses some punctuation, I’m not sure. I’m too afraid to go back up and read over it again. Madness! I also love that he mentions drama with his ex right out the gate. Um, thanks no thanks.


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