First Impressons

Today I received a message that made me laugh (In an unexpectedly delightful way). Still working on the write-up regarding my stun gun, but while you wait, you can see an example of a really great introductory message.

Having read through his profile, I don’t think we would be well-suited; but not because he is weird or creepy or perverted or desperate. I just think we are looking for different things. But this guy at least has earned the benefit of a conversation to prove that.

Behold, an amusingly well-done intro message:

I normally wouldn’t bother with profiles that contain a long list of stipulations. But since your section of qualifications happens to be longer than all the content above it combined, I feel I must accept the challenge just to see if I can clear the bar.

So, how’s this? Hay is for horses. Cows like it, too. Pigs don’t want it.
[In reference to the picture of hay I added as a profile picture so that I could send it to people who write to me with nothing more than “hey”]

Let’s see. “Two”, “to”, and “too” all in their respective places? Check. Not loitering in hopes that you’ll send the first message? Check. Avoided proposing a long-term relationship in the first paragraph? Check. Close enough, distance-wise, that meeting in person wouldn’t be a hardship? Check. Skilled at squashing and/or relocating spiders as appropriate? Check.

Now that you’ve read my message, and had a chance to look at my (otherwise hidden) profile – whaddya think? [Not so fond of whaddya, but everything else passes muster, so I can let it slide ^_^]

[ Included a question in my message? Check. Pretty sure that’s everything. ]



3 thoughts on “First Impressons

  1. Charlotte

    My favorite is “‘Two’, ‘to’, and ‘too’ all in their respective places? Check.”
    You know, I always have to wonder if any of these guys have stumbled across your blog. Can you imagine the amusement that could follow if a guy on POF were getting cues for how to run his relationship from your entries, only to figure out that it was you he were dating? If it happens you HAVE to sell the movie rights ^_^.


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