Ex Files: Need an Extinguisher for Those Pants?

It is never a good idea to send a message stating or implying that you have read someone’s profile if in fact you have not. Such messages lead to awkward exchanges such as the following:

I enjoyed reading your profile, right to the point. I like that about you. You seem really sweet. I’d like to talk with you?

[Right away, due to its vagueness, I suspected that the message was copy/paste, especially since “sweet” and “to the point” are NOT AT ALL descriptive of my profile. But why not play along?]

Sweet and Right to the point? Heh–yesterday I was accused of unkind ranting 🙂

(15 minutes later)
Really, wow, some times the truth hurts.

I never claimed to be either sweet or kind. 
If, however, you agree with the unkind ranting assessment, you should probably actually read a lady’s profile before sending a copy/paste message.

Oh wow, ya I just copy pasted all girls, actually if u seen some of the girls on here you would understand. But here not there I’m not Looking for someone with such a great attitude like yourself. You seem so sweet but bitter…

Oy, he went from poor logic to unintelligible writing. A copy paste message might get you an initial response from people who don’t read profiles, but if a message sparks my interest, the FIRST thing I do is look at the profile before replying. My choice to interact with a person depends on far more than a picture or five. Apparently, most people aren’t that particular. If it has a decent picture and replies, game on. ><
(until of course, you actually read their profile, and discover an inner bitter savage jaded beast masquerading as a date-able human ^



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