What does the Internet love? Stereotype lists!!!!

“Change isn’t the problem. The problem is finding the person you want to change WITH.”

I can’t endorse everything this blogger publishes, but this post has so much “YES” to it that I had to repost. Those stereotypes we hate? They don’t just apply to one gender.

Disclaimer: please pardon some of the language, and realize that I am supporting the ideas, not necessarily each particular phrasing ^_^

Antiquated Gender Bullshit, And Other Thought Catalog Articles You Might Enjoy..


2 thoughts on “What does the Internet love? Stereotype lists!!!!

  1. Nathan "Rosy"

    I agree that, as a list of general stereotypes, the list is quite terrible. If you look at it in a case by case basis, it does have some merit. It helps to try to look at it from both sides.

    When any individual does something from either of those list, someone else will find it annoying. Like we should with anything, take the lists with a grain of salt and shot of whiskey, (I don’t drink nor do I condone it, it’s just a fun turn of phrase) take a long hard look in the mirror and ask, “Am I what I need and want to be.”


    1. That’s what I really appreciate about this list: it looks at it from both sides and addresses the idea that none of these issues are confined to a particular gender, so we really need to stop looking at them as if they do.

      So, take it with a grain of salt or shake it like a salt shaker. Either way, I enjoyed the article ^_^


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