In Which the Title of Girlfriend is Now Mine

Historical evidence suggests that I am rather terrible when it comes to maintaining relationships.
So, of course, that is where I have found myself–smack dab in the middle of one.
or rather, the beginning of one.

Casual dating is, for the most part, easy: You dress up, have fun, flirt a bit, get to know general things about a person, and participate in activities that span everything from dinner and a movie to high school hockey games or ice skating or light-hearted musicals about ugly ducklings. (Remember the Physicist? I’ve mentioned him a few times, but for the most part have refrained from going into too much detail because… well… this is a public blog. And in addition to all of those lovely issues regarding privacy and ethics, I have much more selfish reasons for not writing about him much here: If he wants to know what I think of him, I would prefer him to ask me instead of cheating by reading my blog. ^_-)

Needless to say, you reach  the point at which, oh my, it seems we are spending a rather significant amount of time with one another. And enjoying that time. And holding hands becomes far more than just two hands in physical contact with each other.

And suddenly you’re no longer casually dating. You’re exclusively dating just one person. And it doesn’t occur to you until far too late that you have no idea how to actually BE someone’s girlfriend (as opposed to simply a decent alternative to spending Saturday night with Netflix).

So, the physicist is now my boyfriend.

I have deleted my POF account and retired from my serial dating ways.

What does that mean for this blog?
I don’t know yet.

But in the meantime, I figured I should let y’all know that not all the guys I met through online dating were horror stories ^_^


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