On Being Yourself

Always be yourself.

Unless you’re human and have flaws.

Or have needs.

Or expect communication.

Or have expectations in general.

In those cases, definitely be someone else.


5 thoughts on “On Being Yourself

  1. Michael

    Classic! Yep, definately wished I had not “been myself” online once. lol. Yet, I suppose, since mind reading is out, it is always best to state when interest is not mutual, BEFORE frustration or labels. Of course, if one jumps to conclussions, then it also hinders the free-flow of communication also. I get that. But, perhaps candid conversation about the offensive conclussions, might allow for the MATTER to be reconcilled. Unless, one does not want it so. Then they might even go so far as to out right ignore, or advise of stints in Prison. lol. Anything is fair game at that point. Well, for some. Long-distance, & “conservative” “thoughts” can “sometimes” be sticking points, but so can appearance, past, mutual pride, & misunderstandings. MOST of them should be respected, but respectful is also kind & fair. A worthy aspiration. But, bottom line: it would be disrespectful not to acknowledge apparent commitments. I don’t know about being something your not, but online first impressions are perceived reality


  2. Michael

    Again, exceptions to the feminine rules can be granted… as they are earned or “won” as the case may be… But, terrible first impressions will submarine that every time. Or, if there is simply no opportunity to keep another from making their own assumptions (i.e. their own leaps)… that will be trouble also. So in hindsight it is best not to make too many conclussions, when the other is not willing or able to respond immediately. For example, I blocked a lady online once just b/c I had a glitch that would let me only receive, but not reply to current “non-friends”, unless they asked to be friends later. Infact, my personal e-mail [removed from comment by Charity] was the only practical way to reply to one penpal. Anyways, its best to leave the ball in the ticked-off parties court, and to ALWAYS respect a ladies wishes and commitments. Especially, if they took time out of their busy schedule to reply. That way you can thank them, wish them well, and eliminate needless drama.


  3. Michael

    Lol. Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I much prefered Superman! But, when all attempts to be a super hero fail… you can still hope she (he) comes to love you as a man (woman), because truly love is blind enough. Yet, until then you’re under the microscope and are less than “Clark Kent”! … Actually, I told a female friend one day who asked me how I was doing in the “metropolis” (of our small capital city), that I was just like Clark Kent: minus Superman, Lois, and The Daily Planet! Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Just some people’s beauty is in the eyes of a few more “beholders” than others. I would say: “may the odds be forever in your favor,” (but that just happens in the movies). I don’t believe chance governs a gift as good as love.


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