In Which I Share a Slice of Life Unrelated to Dating

What are these?


Catalogues. That’s right–catalogues. 8.5 pound EACH catalogues. Why does one facility need not just one but NINE of these beasts?

Between Grainger and Uline, too many trees die needlessly. Because you know what happens? they get thrown away. 90% of the time, without even being browsed through, much less ordered from. This is why my job sometimes feels like an exercise in futility.

In other news,
the (former) English teacher is being trained to drive a forklift. Crazy times, right?

Also, I’m all for workplace diversity, but this is just a bit disturbing:


The full title is “Hold for Culture Wizard Training.” ( But really, is workplace sorcery training any better than workplace cult indoctrination?)



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