In Which Catching Up With a Friend Turns into a Fine Dining Experience

There is a place about an hour from home, where old acquaintances can meet to reacquaint thanks to the proximity proffered by a business trip.

There is a place where the neighborhood is nothing special, and the exterior is drab, but he interior is warm dim lighting, crisp linen napkins, and jazzy swing music.

There is a place where presentation is a skill and salad is so pretty that one hates to disturb its artistic arrangement.


A place where all the vegetables are delectable (even cauliflower), but the flat bread with the oil and mystery spice pairs best with humus.



A place where lobster and macaroni and cheese blend together in a harmony of deliciousness that makes you happy to have lived long enough to experience the combination.


A place where garlic minted yogurt accents the grilled lamb so perfectly that even the lobster mac and cheese pales in comparison (which, moments prior, you didn’t believe would be possible)


There is a place where crème brulee is topped with sugared basil and wedges of key lime so tartly sweet that your tongue feels like it must have died and gone to heaven.



A place where salted caramel ice cream transforms an apple spice cake into a dessert ALMOST as amazing as the crème brulee (but not quite).



A place where the bill comes inside the cover of a children’s book.


And the book has no pages.



A place where three hours of “Tammy and the Buttons” seems far too short.



An hour from home there is a place where conversation occasionally dwindles as the music swells, but not for long because there is far more to share than the food.

An hour from home, there is a café where servers wear black, water glasses are refilled before they are half-depleted, and flatware is replaced between each course.

A place of such easy-going elegance that it makes up for my lack of refinement rather than highlighting it. A place where it is unlikely I will ever have cause to return but a place I am glad to have experienced at least once.

An hour from home there is a place that transcends the ordinary.

And, dear reader, it is my hope that you, as well, have a friend who will unexpectedly lift you out of the ordinary and add a touch of the exquisite when you begin to feel lost in mundaneity.
Or perhaps you could be that friend for someone else.
And hour from where I live is a fantastic café with warm lighting and live music. What is within an hour of where you live??



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