In Which My Ex-Physicist Provides Snow Sanctuary

It began as a normal weekday, save for the fact that snow was falling. Yep, you read that right: snow. In Mid-April. (Apparently, Winter never got the whole “out like a lamb” memo that was supposed to take place in March. If I ever find that deceitful little groundhog….)

I mentioned it began as a normal workday, right?

But that’s not *actually* true because on this particular workday, non-punctual me was going to be ON TIME for work rather than dashing through the doors right at the last minute—On time, that is, until I hit the interstate only to discover that traffic was moving between 20 and 30 miles per hour (Thank you, snow).

Out the back door of work at about 10 AM

States like North Carolina are enjoying the blooming of dogwood trees while the winter-weary Minnesotans are seeing their dreams of warmth crushed over and over and over and over. But I digress.

Back to the snow.

Thanks to its beautiful treachery, I was 15 minutes late to work. No problem, though. I’ll just shave that off of my lunch break and move on. After all, last time it snowed, I didn’t even MAKE it to work, so 15 minutes late is still a vast improvement.

Fast Forward about 8 hours of fine white fluff falling steadily, and I was homeward bound after a long day of work. Homeward Bound after I scraped this off of my car:

So much SNOW!!!!! I had to rock back and forth several times to get out of my parking space.

The roads were atrocious.

Sadder and wiser from my morning experience, I avoided the interstate and took the county road back towards home. My typical journey of 18 minutes became a 45 minute trek of snowy chaos and dangerous drifts. Just as I was about to reach my turn for home, I received a text saying that the plow had not arrived, so I would not be able to make it into our excessively long driveway. (My brother-in-law had nearly gotten stuck in his truck, so there was no way my squatty little car would survive.)

No problem, though. My sister lived on the opposite end of town, so I could swing by her place and camp there instead.

Except that in the swinging by, I discovered that she and my bro-in-law were not yet at home. At this point, my options began seeming rather limited. I couldn’t go home. I couldn’t get into my sister’s. My only other friend in town lived back across town, closer to my house.

The prospect of driving around indefinitely in blizzard-esque conditions didn’t seem appealing, nor did wandering around a retail establishment after a long day of work when all I wanted was to relax with a hot cup of coffee.

So I did what any other (in)sane girl would do and drove past my ex-boyfriend’s house to see if he were home.

Lo and behold—he was shoveling his driveway!
(By that time, I was super stressed out from navigating all the snow, so I was about ready to sing the Hallelujah Chorus when he cleared a path for my car!)

And that, dear reader, is how I ended up in my ex-physicist’s kitchen making pizza balls out of crescent rolls while he taught me how to make a mini rocket using nothing more than two matches, a paperclip, and a small piece of tinfoil. (I’ve mentioned his fondness for physics, right?)

For two hours, he offered sanctuary in his kitchen; and for two hours we talked and laughed as if nothing had changed, even though everything had. It was a bit more difficult than last time—not awkward—just difficult— because it was only him and I in the setting that comprised about 60% of our dating relationship, and there weren’t other people to mitigate the vastness of the difference between dating and friendship—just the ghosts of many a memory.

But there was music (Someday I shall write an ode to Spotify!), and warmth, and improvised rockets, and pizza balls, and conversation, and laughter. And I wasn’t wandering out in the snow!

From no snow to Winter Wonderland. -_- Where are you, Spring?

Eventually, I did make it to my sister’s and spent the night as a couch crasher.
(Unexpected sleepovers help one to truly appreciate the beauty of an unused toothbrush and the joy of contact solution in which to place one’s contacts. Thankfully, even though her house was not stocked with contact solution, she DID have a packaged toothbrush fresh from a recent visit to the dentist.
And this morning, I successfully made it to work (Though I had to get up at an ungodly hour in order to do so!)

The Physicist and I? We continue to be friends (And I have never been more glad of that than I was last night! Note to self: unburned bridges can be INCREDIBLY helpful.)

15.1 inches of snow later, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas even though it’s Easter. (Spring is predicted to settle in sometime around June?)

And all I have to say about all of this is, “My, how weirdnerful!”





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