In Which I Address Ideal Readers

Dear Ideal Reader,

Yes, You, with the puzzled expression on your face.

Oh–you didn’t know you were my ideal?

Ok, OK– I’ll confess, if I WERE writing to the idealest of my ideal readers, I would be addressing a tall, dashing, deeply intelligent yet actively compassionate man of stability and means in possession of sound character, soulful eyes, slightly calloused hands, and an amused expression as he reads my blog and finds himself so utterly charmed by my scintillating wit that he feels compelled to send me a (well-written, erudite without being pretentious, humorous) email of introduction because he must know more about the fascinating creature who has penned such insightful reflections on her life. (But if that were a scenario which had even a fraction of a percent of a chance of being a realistic expectation, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog in the first place, now would I? ^_^) Which brings us back to you.

For you are, in fact, my ideal reader.

Yes, you–The person who clicked the “read more” link to at least skim the entire post rather than the first few lines; the one who returned for a second/third/fourth helping after finding yourself dissatisfied with only one visit; the one who likes to laugh at the random strangeness of other people’s lives; the one who can relate to feeling like a sorry excuse for an adult who will adult better tomorrow; the one who has it all put together but sympathizes with those who don’t; the one who has engaged the world of online dating and lived to tell the tale; the one who relates to being a nearly-no-longer-twenty-something and wondering where all those somethings went; the one who enjoys dessert for two (even if you’re all alone) and buddy-system adventures (even if they are as small as a culinary experiment or as simple as a jaunt through the backyard).

You who enjoy life one sentence at a time, who savor moments the way I can never slow down enough to savor chocolate (or cheesecake. or any dessert really ^_^); you who have homespun dreams that may be small and plain but which shine brightly from your eyes when you smile; you who click and type or sometimes just read and lurk; you who wound up here by accident but stayed and made yourselves at home; you who’ve shared a cup of coffee with me and don’t mind listening to the histrionics of a closet cat lady–You are my ideal reader.

And I’m glad that you don’t mind that I write for me rather than you. You can appreciate my stories without having them tailored to you because you understand that while I want to be understood and want to entertain, I write more for my own benefit than anyone else’s. But I’m glad you tell me when you connect or relate to my experiences and thoughts.

Whether you are just joining this journey or have walked with me from the beginning, you are my ideal reader; And I’m so very delighted to have your company!

Join me again soon when I tell the tale of how I turned my kitchen into a tomato-based crime scene!

Warmest Regards,


*Zero to Hero Assignment 6


8 thoughts on “In Which I Address Ideal Readers

    1. hello, Juliana!
      It is a pleasure to meet you!
      I took two Semesters of Spanish when I was in college, and I remember a whopping dozen or so vocabulary words, so I don’t understand your blog. But the layout and design are lovely ^_^


      1. Thanks!!
        Since the first day of Zero to hero I’m thinking about translating my posts, but many people in the community told me that they’ve been translating via Google Chrome to at least have a gist of what the post is about. Maybe you could try it sometime. I have many people here in Brazil that read my blog, so switching completely to English would make me lose their audience… 😦


  1. Oh, dear me. I was cracking up throughout this whole post! It would seem as though I fit into the few (for now), the proud…the ideal. Shall I consider myself fortunate? Why, yes. Yes I will! And I’m also adding you to my Liebster Award nominations…whatever that is all about. I’ve yet to fully figure it out.


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