In Which Adventures Are Had

In addition to spending a ridiculous amount of time reading other people’s blogs, I also occasionally do… you know… things.

This post will be a recap of some of those recent things told mostly through pictures.



The first time I ever cut a pineapple


Only 2/3rds actually made it into the bowl




The most expensive shoes I’ve ever purchased. Designer heels? alas, not so much




State Park! It’s still grey and not very spring looking in Minnesota….
What a fascinating tree!
Our paths were all water-logged!
So, I sought high ground
Ah, coffee…. ever my faithful companion. (Actually, the majority of the time, it was me and a coffee CUP. The coffee was gone within ten minutes of arrival, but I couldn’t find a trashcan ANYWHERE!)
So much brown and grey, but look–tiny purple flowers!
A Peninsula picnic! (None of that water is typically there.) Wonder what the sign says? See the next picture
It’s plural… but we only found one…


Lots of Mushrooms!
more mushrooms
We found this bone….


At least SOMETHING was green…
If you look closely, you’ll see a nature photographer sitting in camouflage. We stumbled upon him inadvertently. Alas, not knowing he was there, we were making quite a racket and probably spooked whatever he was trying to get a shot of.


Another trail ending in water 😦


So there you have it. We couldn’t walk the trails, so we wandered in the woods, climbed a few trees, listened to the birds and frogs, startled a photographer, startled a white tail deer (no photo of that because it happened so quickly. Watching it bound through the water was great fun, though!), got sort of lost, found our way back, and I also cut a pineapple for the first time ever. Do you Like my new shoes? ^^ (I personally consider it a traveshamockery that work boots are the priciest footwear I’ve ever purchased ><)

Thanks for sharing the adventure!



3 thoughts on “In Which Adventures Are Had

  1. Sounds like a fun day!!! 🙂 And I have to say, having just moved from Wisconsin before the horrid winter you had, seeing these pictures makes me soooo happy I’m not still there! I know this place will look amazing in a few weeks or so, but I’m cold just looking at it!!

    By the way, I also nominated you for the silly LIebster:

    I see you’ve had several already (I hope I’m getting that right). No need to answer the questions unless you feel like it. 😀 Just a fun little game.



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