In Which My Socks Need Marriage Counseling

When I was in 6th grade, my English teacher (Mr. Harris-such a great teacher that I STILL remember his name over a dozen years later [which is rather epic considering I can’t remember the names of one or two people I roomed with in college]) gave an assignment in which each student was given a word that he had made up, and we had to come up with an extended definition.

My word was Zigleporph.

According to my sixth grade mind , a Zigleporph is a tiny creature who lives in the coat closet hangars.
When the hangars fall,  zigleporphs sneak out and feast on shoe laces and then creep into the dryer to eat socks. Just one sock is enough to fill them, which is why my socks have a higher divorce rate than Most Hollywood couples.

So there you go, Claudette, now you know where socks go when they disappear.

zero-to-hero Assignment 12



15 thoughts on “In Which My Socks Need Marriage Counseling

  1. Ahh, so it’s all your fault then, You gave birth to Zigleporphs. Love it. 🙂 So happy you have explained another sock disappearing phenomenon. (i just spent 2 minutes trying to figure out how to spell that).


  2. Oh yes, this little bugger has been living with me for the past 24 years and has cost me more than I care to think about in new socks. He must be fat and happy. Great post!


  3. Smokey

    Love the childhood imagination-so fresh and entertaining. I had a favorite teacher in 2nd grade and I still remember her name as well!


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      1. Not necessarily kill them. But if there were a way to move them to my neighbours dryer, without harming them of course, I wouldn’t exactly mind. He only wears white socks, so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t notice a few missing socks…


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