In Which We Must Clarify That It Is A Joke

Teenagers make me laugh.
We are currently in tech week for a small community theater production called Disney Showstoppers.
It’s great fun!
Because this community theater group does not actually own any space, we must bring everything with us and take everything home at the end of each rehearsal. Thus, each performer has his own costume box or basket.

This box belongs to one of the teenagers in the production.


The clarification cracks me up.
Just in case… You know… You actually BELIEVED this box could take you to Narnia…


8 thoughts on “In Which We Must Clarify That It Is A Joke

    1. She’s actually one of the smartest kids of her age I’ve ever met (Kinda reminds me a bit of the main character in The Fault in Our Stars). But common sense does not always prevail–even among the nearly-brilliant 🙂


  1. jwidavid

    Then again, maybe it just shows her complete lack of faith in us… lesser beings. “haha, this will be funny scribble scribble… you know what? Some genius is going to think this is for real, better clarify. scribble scribble“.

    I for one commend her for being so considerate.


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