Worst Case Wednesday: The Bathing Beauty

How bad is it REALLY?

Yes, people have asked me this. They have scoffed when I have written of the messages I’ve received. They’ve speculated about  how much of what I write is true and how much is exaggeration.

Rest assured, dear reader, that there is no way to overstate the awfulness of some of the encounters one has in the realm of online dating.

Some of it is so awful that it’s funny, and in the interest of this dark, twisted humor, I have decided to start a scheduled feature.
Though I will still post ex-file snippets as they occur (or as I have time accompanied by the ever-elusive motivation), I will also post  a series called “Worst Case Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, I will summarize the most disastrous online dating encounter of the week.

To read/see the Worst Case of the week, you will have to follow the “Click to read more” link.
DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. There are some things you can never unsee.

(You can’t say I didn’t warn you.)

I’ve discussed profile pictures before, but it is a topic that deserves to be returned to again and again. (and again) (and AGAIN!)
I can only hope that this man is attempting to make some sort of satirical statement.

The only statement I have is that men should not wear speedos. Nor should they pose in them. If, in a drunken moment of indiscretion, such an unfortunate picture happens to be taken, it should NEVER be used as a profile picture. EVER.

speedo man
I edited the photo a bit…



9 thoughts on “Worst Case Wednesday: The Bathing Beauty

  1. Oh I believe you, I have been there. My best friend got matched up on E-Harmony after weeks of exchanges without photos. When she finally saw his photo, he was in his mid life crises sports convertible, bleached our Mullet hair and (wait for it) …a pet monkey on his shoulder. needless to say she deleted her account.
    keep ’em coming so many of us can relate!


    1. AHAHAHA. Oh my!
      I might be able to handle a pet monkey. I draw the line at snakes and spiders.

      I am not at the point of deleting my entire profile. But I have made VERY good friends with my “block this user” button.

      And I don’t respond to people who won’t post a picture. If they are unwilling to share a photo, there’s generally a reason.

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      1. thank goodness for the block button right? i dated online for a couple of years and there was a guy who always had sunglasses in his pics. Great body, great clothes etc. then i met him in person…at night…no glasses. beadiest little black eyes like a doll. so creepy, He went to take a phone call during the date (so rude) and i took that as my moment to escape. He stilled lived with his mom at 34 years old.


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