In Which I Reblog: Bridging the Gap Between #YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen

I don’t often post here about current events, but this blog post is worth sharing.

In the communal effort of bringing attention to the victimization of women, it seems that men who are making every effort to respect and elevate women are getting tweet-trashed by the very women they are trying not to wrong (simply for attempting to remind the outraged masses that there ARE a 65% of men who are APPALLED that 35% use nothing more than arousal to justify rape).

I really like that this blog post emphasizes the necessity of the WE rather than just the US or the THEM. It is not a matter of us vs. Them.

Rather than #yesallwomen or #notallmen, the focus should simply be #yesall.

#yesall have the responsibility to choose actions that respect the human dignity of those around them.

End of story.


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