Worst Case Wednesdays: Sounds Legit

And We’re Back with Worst Case Wednesdays, your weekly dose of Worst Case scenarios from the online dating world.

This specimen comes from Craigslist, in which a hopeful landlord attempts to kill two birds with one stone by acquiring a renter AND a girlfriend with the same ad.

Wanted: Female Girlfriend/Roommate 

Not sure if this is where to post this…but…
If you are honest, sane, need a place to live and good company, I have a home and would love a quality relaxing monogamis best friend.
I’m a early retired male, decent shape, and “normal”… with a 30 acre hobby farm. 
I would love a lady to share my home, time and chores with.. if this sounds interesting or intriguing to you …let’s “interview” each other see how we feel and decide if we think it could work…
Age is not anywhere as important as us connecting, having young, happy, positive attitudes on life and just feeling comfortable…
(…”must love dogs”)


Available now

laundry on site 
detached garage
no smoking
room not private 
no private bath
dogs are OK – wooof

I find the lack of private bedroom or bathroom of particular concern.
What would the “interview” process consist of????
After reading that, I feel like I need to go sanitize myself.
P.s. Sir, the spelling is “monogamous.”



10 thoughts on “Worst Case Wednesdays: Sounds Legit

    1. I’m not even keeping up with my blog at the moment. I had hoped to do Writing101… but doing the online dating thing is like having a second job these days. an unpaid second job. -_-


  1. jwidavid

    Aww, outside of Christ I guess I could understand this guy’s plea. I mean, it wasn’t THAT long ago when marriage was little more than a convenient business arrangement. He’s of a retired age and looking for a woman who may just be lonely. The interview would be, in essence, a date. After a few dates, if they’ve hit it off, then why not give it a try?

    The REALLY creepy part would be if he required them to sign a year lease, haha.


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