In Which I Review Jamberry: Day One

I should begin by saying that I work on a shipping dock.
I handle shipments of boxes and pallets and mail, and sometimes I even drive a fork lift. It’s rough work that can be gruesome on a girl’s hands-—especially in winter.

Rarely do I paint my nails. It’s time consuming, messy (I never did master how to apply nail polish well), and pointless—-because, on the rare occasion that I can get it to look nice for more than thirty minutes, the polish lasts one, maybe two days max before it starts chipping and looking awful.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE pedicures, but alas, they are too pricey for me to afford more than two or three times a year.

Enter Jamberry.

Jamberry produces non-toxic vinyl nail wraps that give nails a flawless finish, last without chipping or fading for a general minimum of two weeks, and come in all manner of designs and colors.

Being the girly girl at heart that I am, once I heard of Jamberry, I had to try them.

I decided to put Jamberry to the test by seeing how well the wraps survived my job on the shipping dock in comparison to OPI nail polish and a similar nail wrap product of questionable quality…

Jamberry vs. Edge

These are the results:

DAY 1–Application
8 PM

I won’t lie. The very first time I used Jamberry, I found it slightly awkward to maneuver the small pieces once I cut them from the sample. (But then, I’ve never been very precise with my fine motor skills. Bear in mind that I also can’t draw a straight line to save my life nor thread a needle on a first attempt.)

I also found it slightly difficult to shape the piece to my nail. (Alas, I had not a SINGLE pair of sharp scissors in the house [Out of four pair, you’d think at least ONE would be sharp -_-]. Dull scissors do not cut through adhesive vinyl very well.)

That said, aside from those two small struggles (struggles which I’m sure will be resolved with a better pair of scissors and a little bit of practice), I did not find the experience difficult at all. I watched a Youtube tutorial the night before and simply set out to follow the steps. I received no formal instruction or coaching and just wanted to see if it is as easy as everyone had claimed.

Lo, and behold, it is.

Because this was my first time using Jamberry, I put the test strips on my left hand and put the easier-to-apply comparison brand on my right hand. For each brand, I put the test strips on my index finger and middle finger of each hand because those are the digits that receive the most wear and tear on the shipping dock.
The ring finger, pinky finger, and thumb, I coated in OPI nail polish.

(*note: Because I am comparing three different products, I’m using samples from a mini sheet of accent nails. I would generally have chosen the lace or mostly white with black and grey diagonal; but these were the ones that fit the fingers I needed to test.)

Thoughts so far:

–on the comparison brand of nail covers:

*They feel like a thin sticker. The finish is just as smooth as the Jamberry, but they don’t feel like they will last for long, and I worry that they will peel off if I get them wet.

*For $4.50, I received 15 pre-cut nail stickers… Basically, one full manicure and a few for mistake coverage. Whether or not this is acceptable depends on how long they last. Something tells me, it won’t be long.

*Also, because these nail covers are pre-cut, there is a ton of waste.

*They look ok. I’m not wild about them, but this was the prettiest of the available designs.

The competing brand on the right hand

–on the OPI nail polish:

*I HATE waiting for nail polish to dry! I have better things to do than sit around hoping that my polish has set enough to be able to do things like… well.. type.

*Five minutes after applying my polish (which looked terribly sloppy compared to both the Jams and the sticker nail covers, I had smudged the polish on my left pinky  Sadly, this is one of the better jobs I have done at applying nail polish to my fingers. (I fail at being a girl).

This is why I don’t mess with polish much… sigh….

On Jamberry:

*I need to practice more so that I can smooth down the top edges of my nail better.  I was paranoid about filing too much and damaging the wrap, but I finally got it to feel smooth, and the wrap seems undamaged! I like how sturdy they feel–like a thick coat of polish–and how smooth they look on my nails.

*I LOVE the myriad design options. For the comparison brand, the store offered five choices, four of which were hideous. With Jamberry, rather than trying to choose the least ugly, I have difficulty narrowing my choices. There are Jams to suit everyone’s taste!

*I like the pricing better. A full sheet may cost $15-$18, but it comes with enough product for TWO full manicures, TWO full pedicures, PLUS some accent nails left over. If they last significantly longer than the comparison brand, it will be a much better value.

Jammalicious Left Hand ^_^

Tomorrow we will see how well these nails can withstand cardboard boxes, freight delivers, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
Stay tuned!


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