In Which I Spend All Day in My Jammies: Jamberry Review Day 2

Today, I did what few twenty-somethings admit to publicly when they are trying to present themselves as individuals who have become successful at adulting. I spent the entire in my Jammies.

I threw my job on the shipping dock at Jamberry nail wraps, and I am incredibly impressed with the results.

Here are just a few of the things my hands were faced with today:

*A steamy hot shower and washing my hair
*Washing my hands more than a Dozen times
*Opening a passel of cardboard boxes
*Constructing 12 new mail slots, which involved the rearranging of dozens of others
*Tons of typing
*Hauling mail in and out
*sorting mail
*delivering mail
*stocking paper trays
*opening paper packets
*Opening envelopes without an attention name
*handling 47 packages worth of UPS shipment, each package weighing between 1 and 45 pounds and ranging in size from a small envelope to boxes big enough for bodies to be stashed inside.
It doesn’t sound like an impressive list, but my hands take a beating during work.


See how scuffed the polish is and how scuffed my Jamberry wraps AREN’T?
EDGE brand stickers faired poorly. By 1:30 PM, my nail sticker was torn at the edges.
Scuffed polish and a torn decal–and one poor nail that lost it’s decal altogether!


Jamberry at 10 PM. The edges of the floral are just a TINY bit rough. The chevron is still perfect. No chipping, scuffing, or tearing. Great job, Jams!


The polish is by far better than the Edge nail sticker wraps; but Jams have won hands down, and we are only starting on day 2!

See pictures of Day One HERE.


5 thoughts on “In Which I Spend All Day in My Jammies: Jamberry Review Day 2

  1. When hubby isn’t around, son and I LOVE having a jammies day!! Breakfast for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Naps when desired. Different kind of jammies. 😉


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