In Which I Stood on Top of a Mountain In Utah

From Sept 10-Sept 13, I had the privilege of hanging out with fellow executive consultants and Jamberry Home Office Staff in Utah.

The experience was INCREDIBLE and changed my focus from sharing the opportunity to make money to sharing the character of the company.

Utah was Fantastic ^_^
Utah was Fantastic ^_^

Because of Jamberry, I have the amazing privilege of helping women beautify their lives, whether that be through helping them express their own style or build a business.

I’ve been with Jamberry since June 2014. since then, my downline has grown to include over 260 amazing women who are realizing dreams through gorgeous nail art.

This picture Was taken last week, at the top of a mountain in Utah at the Jamberry executive retreat.

I had the opportunity to meet the founding sisters, tour home office, and get to know the heart of this company.

It is truly amazing to be an independent consultant for a company with the following brand values:

*be a blessing
*be creative
*be a family
*be unique
*be generous

I could tell you about the pay I’ve earned as a consultant–It’s fantastic.
I could tell you about the things I’ve been able to do that I never would have been able to before Jamberry–they are numerous.
I could tell you about the amazing friendships I’ve made– Because of Jamberry, I have a team of volunteers who feel more like a family than strangers met through cyberspace.
I could tell you about the personal growth I’ve experienced and the validation and affirmation I’ve received.

But honestly, after the past weekend in park city, Utah, tonight I would rather tell you that because of Jamberry, for the first time in my life, I am partnering with an organization that it is a true HONOR to work with and for.

Because of Jamberry, I have a clearer vision of the person I want to become because I see it modeled in every interaction I have with staff from home office.

Why Jamberry? Because I trust the HEART of this company.

Nail art is awesome. And it will only continue to grow in popularity.

But Jamberry is about so much more than making nails beautiful. Jamberry strives to make LIVES beautiful.

If you want an amazing opportunity with a company that truly cares about YOU, a company that invests in your success, a company that strives to constantly improve YOUR experience, a company that gives a compensation plan that rivals any other in generosity–


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