In Which I Assess Degrees of Bacon

“Don’t go Bacon My Heart!– I couldn’t if I fried!”

It’s a pun only a bacon lover would appreciate–But no worries! As Paleo and clean eating increase in popularity, so does Bacon.

Memes like this abound on the interwebs
Memes like this abound on the interwebs

What is almost as popular as bacon? Online Dating– specifically Apps that allow users to swipe yes or no based on a single picture and MAYBE a phrase or two!

Enter the Oscar Mayer App named SIZZL.

“Must love bacon” sounds like a brilliant premise for a swipe-worthy relationship, so of COURSE I had to explore it! (Wouldn’t that be a great story for the grandkids? “How did you and grandpa meet?” “Well, kids, It was a match made in bacon!”)

Sizzl is a data mining app operating much like many of the “Which character are you?” quizzes. Users download the app and then log in with facebook, granting the app access to a ton of information that is completely irrelevant to the use of the app for the novelty of specifying a few bacon preferences and potentially turning up the heat with others who share the same bacon-oriented passions.

While the novelty is fun, the idea is clever, and the marketing is brilliant (The Video cracked me up!!!) this app won’t be staying on my phone.

Reason One:  It took FOREVER to download. half an hour? 45 minutes? I fell asleep before it finished downloading.

Reason Two: It uses Facebook to mine your personal info.

I’m not sure how I feel about that– especially since none of it is transferred to my profile save for the profile pic

Speaking of profile pictures,

Reason 3: a loooooot of men have a woman with them in their profile picture so they don’t actually appear to be single. (They want to fry their bacon and eat it, too?)

In fact, these guys seem to have Sizzl confused with Ashley Madison:

Married with kidsashley madison 3 ashley madison

They seem to be confused about the purpose of the app.

Either that, or there is a ridiculous number of women who find wedding dresses an attractive accessory for a man to wear on his arm?

Sizzl is basically tinder with a bacon theme. You get a picture and some bacon preferences.

Press X to keep going, and Sizzle the heart if you think they’re hot.

If you sizzle enough, you are permissed to send a message.

I never did make it to messaging with anyone. I’ve got too little time to spend it sizzling bacon hearts to show appreciation for the physical attractiveness of men who may or may not actually BE single.

I won’t be pursuing romance based on mutual attraction to bacon, but hats off to Oscar Mayer for a clever marketing campaign and an entertaining spoof of Tinder!

Want to explore the app yourself? Find bacon love here.



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