In Which I Reflect on Recent Milestones

It’s that time–the transition stage in which the description of this blog requires an update. It began as a the life adventures of a reluctantly single 20-something in her late somethings. Two years later, I can no longer claim those late somethings. It seems I have progressed into far deeper adulthood.

On the last night of my 29th year, I stayed up to watch the clock tick midnight.
It was far too significant a milestone to allow its passage to be ignored during slumber.

As I sat there,  I thought:
I remember my late twenties like they were yesterday!
…. oh wait….
They were.

As it turns out, the difference between 29 and 30 is only about 24 hours–such a small yet significant window of time!

And with the passing of those hours, it became official: I had officially surpassed the outermost edges of my late somethings.

This was a milestone approached with great trepidation.
On my 25th birthday, I cried because I was closer to 30 than I was to 20.
Triple decades has long been a terrifying concept– that’s the age by which one SHOULD have life figured out, right? some modicum of stability established? Some definite direction for where life is heading, and how one plans to get there?

Few of those things describe my life, but the description was even LESS accurate a year ago.

So I resolved not to go gentle into that good night, and have spent the last few months pursuing life with as much passion as I could muster.

I referred to the last 12 months as my ‘year of living dangerously’.
In the past year, I have:

  • Built a network marketing team that has taken me to places I never would have imagined! (Texas! Utah! Florida! The Bahamas! Lasik surgery! So many awesome things!)

  • Packed my belongings into boxes and moved ALL (ish) of my things out of my parents’ house

  • Spent 6 months living in an unfinished basement beneath a motel office of some dear friends (I intend to write more about that later)

  • Spent a summer working in the hospitality industry in a CRAZY tourist town

  • Moved into an apartment of my very own

  • Booked a cruise with people I hadn’t met in real life (and made some FABULOUSLY amazing friends)

  • Started taking Lindy Hop dance lessons

  • Revisited the attempt to expand social circles via online dating

*Taken some crazy chances, Failed in some laughably epic ways, and lived to tell the tale

So I shall do my best to now tell it, because Oh, how I miss writing!
Stay tuned, my friends.
The Adventure is only just beginning.


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