Ex Files: In Which Marriage is Proposed

It’s not every day a girl receives an offer of marriage–much less TWO offers of marriage within an hour time span. Gotta hand it to him–at least he was persistent ^_^


Hi, I just to the area. I work here at _____. What can you tell me about yourself?

You are here ? Your profile says Florida.

I can tell you that I’m probably not the girl you are looking for–but kudos for being able to make feral cats purr ^_^

yea, its says Florida. I been traveling a lot that I seem to forgotten how to change my location on my profile.

why wouldnt you be the girl I am looking for?
I shouldnt be rude on my profile.

btw, we should get married or something…

hahahaha! Impulsive much? ^_^ While I am flattered, It is generally best to meet in person before making such significant decisions.

Hmmmm…. I have recently been referred to as a pretentious female dog. I can come across as quite pretentious. You don’t seem the type to enjoy pretentious people.

I was just pretentious on my profile……..and vain as well

based on looks ,you are perfect

I would consider you as that partner I look for, perhaps even go back to Catholicism again…

i hope you arent a grammer nazi…

I am totally a grammar nazi.
Former English teacher. Old habits die hard. This one refuses to die.

would I be able to bring my cat into your life?

he is still in Puerto Rico

I love kitty cats, but I have yet to determine if you can bring YOU into my life, much less your kitty cat ^_^

….well I am trying to entice you

kittys, scarcasm ,Carribean…..

are you ready to marry me now?

I appreciate the offer, but I’m afraid I must decline.


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