O.D.D. (Online Dating for Dummies)

Welcome to Online Dating for Dummies!

Navigating the world of online dating can be challenging. In addition to avoiding all the bottom dwelling fish out there, you want to present yourself as the catch that you are. Here at Online Dating for Dummies, I’ll be sharing the wisdom I’ve gleaned during my own experiences with online dating.

In a handy step-by-step, categorized format, you’ll learn how to:

Say NO to stigma and set some safety guidelines

Choose an Online Dating Service

Create your Personal Pseudonym

Choose Good Profile Pictures

Write Your Profile (Six Tips for Showcasing your Personality)

***As an example, here’s what was written in my POF profile.

Write Engaging Messages
(For examples of bad messages, check out the Ex-files)

Manage Expectations

HAVE Expectations

Use Your Strengths to Date Like a Ninja

Evaluate as you go

Follow some Rules

-Avoid Too Much Too Soon

Inform Your Family


2 thoughts on “O.D.D. (Online Dating for Dummies)

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