In Which I Must Take My Own Advice

It’s been a while since I’ve written–a month to be exact.

There’s always a certain amount of one’s own story that belongs to the others who feature in it; and there has been many a time I’ve violated another’s privacy by sharing publicly more than they were comfortable with. I didn’t know how to walk that line well while dating the Physicist; so, having erred on the side of over-sharing in times past, I just chose not to write at all this time around.

But I will be writing more now. And I will probably mention the physicist now and again, but mostly in generalities out of respect for his privacy and personhood. But the truth of the matter is that the physicist is now simply THE physicist rather than MY physicist. As of Sunday, 2.5 months after the officialness of our relationship began, it came to an unexpectedly abrupt end.

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Worth a Thousand Words

Profile Pictures:

There is simply no excuse for posting an unflattering profile picture on a dating website. None. We live in an age of technology. Nearly every person in America (especially most people on a dating website) owns a cell phone, a laptop, or some other mobile device capable of  taking pictures. So it’s not that hard to take a picture, much less a good one. Maybe yours won’t be professional model-grade quality, but nevertheless, it is not difficult to have some great, interest-garnering pictures.These principles will help you as you choose your profile pictures:

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Relationship Advice from YA Literature (and why I avoid it)

Today’s post is a little off the beaten path from my journey through online dating, but I want to give a shout out to Matt.

This aspiring young writer has been featured in Freshly Pressed and is giving a good name to teenagers who choose to pursue excellence, refusing to allow youth to be a convenient crutch for poor writing. As a former Jr. High and High School English teacher, I say, “Hats off to you, Matt!”

This weekend, Matt is hosting a blog party, the theme of which is “Young Adult Literature,” and I decided to chime in.

What, you may ask, does Young Adult Literature have to do with Online Dating? Well, one thing that young adults and not-so-young adults-engaged-in-online-dating all have in common is the desperate need for advice when navigating the rocky realms of relationships. Just tonight, in fact, I sent an S.O.S. to one of the few men who has been on a date with me yet still remains my friend after all was said and done. My desperate plea for intervention included the line: “I totally fail at this first date thing. . . what am I doing wrong?”

We all need help from time to time.

When in need of advice, though, it is imperative that one obtain it from a reliable source. [If you were seeking advice on how not to create an online dating profile, my blog would be an excellent resource. If I am seeking help in identifying my first-date-faux-pax committals, a man who has survived a first date with me and still likes me enough to keep in touch would be a reliable place to begin seeking information.] One place I would NOT seek relationship advice from is a YA novel.

Don’t get me wrong–I have nothing against YA literature. This past summer, I read the entire Harry Potter series, the Percy Jackson books, the first five installments in the Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Matched, Crossed, Reached trilogy. In the past, I’ve read the Hunger Games as well as the Twilight series; and Divergent is currently sitting on my bookshelf (along with dozens of other books I no longer have time to read now that I’m working two jobs while trying to maintain a social life and a blog).

So rest assured that I feel no animosity toward YA Literature. That said, I offer the following four reasons why I would NEVER seek relationship advice from a YA novel:
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