In Which My Ex-Physicist Provides Snow Sanctuary

It began as a normal weekday, save for the fact that snow was falling. Yep, you read that right: snow. In Mid-April. (Apparently, Winter never got the whole “out like a lamb” memo that was supposed to take place in March. If I ever find that deceitful little groundhog….)

I mentioned it began as a normal workday, right?

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In Which Weirdnerful Henceforth Means Wonderfully Weird

In My experience, the first encounter after a breakup is generally slightly awkward– or a LOT awkward, depending on the severity of the severance.

Last night was the first time in nearly three weeks that we saw each other, much less spent time in each other’s company.

The Physicist and I shared dinner and Killer Bunnies with mutual friends last night, and the most awkward part about the whole affair was the complete lack of awkwardness. It is, in fact, retrospectively awkward because — well — first encounters after breaking up are SUPPOSED to be awkward…. aren’t they?

I’m completely weirded out by the lack of weirdness.

How weirdnerful.

In Which Weather is Symbolic and Details are Discretionary

Since my employment in August, there have been only three occasions when I have cried at work:

The first was when I was given conflicting information and the grand run-around for why I was not yet a full-time employee after being told I simply had to finish 300 hours with the temp agency.

The second, when I was reprimanded for something I had been told was well done the day prior.

And the third was last week.

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