In Which the Show Must Go On

It’s one of those days in which the world, through no fault of its own, happens to exist; and the very fact of its existence is incredibly irritating.

EVERYTHING is irritating, up to and including myself.

Standing Close??? heh–I’m pretty sure that someone is currently attempting to string a guitar with that last nerve.

This, poor readers, is what happens when I don’t get enough sleep: I sporadically fluctuate between manic hyper happiness and hypersensitivity.

(Please don’t ask me how many times this emotional roller coaster has crashed during the past 8 hours. It hasn’t been one of my prouder days. [Emotional stability is TOTALLY overrated anyway.])

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In Which Splashing Someone With Hot Coffee is Acceptable Rejection Retaliation


Ok, so this might not be the most effective strategy for getting a guy to go out with you, but it’s great marketing!

Guys, if a girl you haven’t pursued gave you a tasty cake, would that make you more likely to ask her out, or would it just sort of freak you out?