In Which I Reminisce About Recent Adventures

Today, I finally caved to the harsh reality of life and turned the heat on in the bird nest.

Thanks to newly replaced windows, eclipse curtains, and a downstairs neighbor who keeps things toasty, I was able to coast along the edges of winter for a while; but now that 30 has become the consistently highest high and snow has begun to gather on the front lawn, it is time to resign myself to the need for more than a fuzzy blanket and a hot cup of coffee.

These cooler temperatures have me feeling nostalgic and longing for the warmth of far away places–places like Florida and the Bahamas– both of which I had the joy of visiting last month.

It was the most incredible adventure– and It actually began on this blog two years ago. (But that’s another story for another time.)

In May, a Facebook status shared an invitation to partake of an amazingly-priced cruise to the Bahamas. Having never been on a cruise, and staring down 30 like the barrel of a gun, I decided, “Why not?” The likelihood of having either the free time available, the money, or the price point all together at the same time ‘someday’ in the future seemed pretty slim–and this was, after all, my year of living dangerously. On a whim, I booked an October vacation; and it was definitely one of the better of the impulsive decisions to which I tend to be prone.

Impulsive or not, the whole waiting for life to happen hasn’t been working out, so


And Oh, my friends, it was both grand AND glorious!

It all hinged on the company–which was FABULOUS (especially considering I only knew one of the 3 people I was meeting up with)–and that turned the decadence, adventure, fantastic food, epic exploration opportunities, and delicious warmth into a dazzling cocktail of wonderfulness that I really have no idea how to put into words. Without compromising the anonymity of the delightful peeps with whom I cruised, here are some of the highlights:
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In Which I Discover that Life is Not a Musical

The physicist and I have been having some great fun lately,
It’s a happy day when you find yourself saying “Thank you for being weird with me in public” to someone.

I discovered two days ago that life is not a musical. We went to look at ice sculptures in 4 degree weather (Which I will probably NEVER do again when it is that cold because. Well. COLD.), and as we were concluding our tour of the park, a band started playing. (We had missed the ice festival parade but made it just in time for live music. AWESOME!) It was a bouncy, swingy song that I remarked would make a good swing dancing song.

“Shall We?”

Never one to pass up an opportunity to embarrass myself in public, I took his hand; and in our boot-shod feet we clomped as light-footedly as possible through the song. I only know a few basic moves, so much laughter ensued as I followed his lead (sometimes succeeding, other times failing miserably). All in all, it was utterly delightful.

But I learned two things:

First: Even if it’s easier to follow without wearing gloves, KEEP YOUR HAND COATS ON when it’s only four degrees outside. Your hands will thank you.

Second: Contrary to everything suggested by some of my favorite movies, crowds of people are not inclined to spontaneously start dancing (Even when there’s music playing and other people start it). Seriously, it wasn’t even music that the crowds of people had to start making themselves. No singing along required.

Ah well, it was still great fun.