In Which Weather is Symbolic and Details are Discretionary

Since my employment in August, there have been only three occasions when I have cried at work:

The first was when I was given conflicting information and the grand run-around for why I was not yet a full-time employee after being told I simply had to finish 300 hours with the temp agency.

The second, when I was reprimanded for something I had been told was well done the day prior.

And the third was last week.

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Ex Files: Profile Perusement

Message received tonight:

Mr. Ex:
Holy cow.. i thought i had a lengthy profile.. geez louise.. lol
Yeah i read it.. some of it.. most of it..
Dare ya to read mine

[You did? Really? You obviously enjoyed the part in which I discussed capital letters and my affinity for them.]

No, dear reader, I did not go visit his profile.