In Which Company Policy is Too Close for Comfort

Perhaps, in general, I wouldn’t mind being prompted to consider my password security (not that password strength matters much in this era of leaked tax information, heart bleed, and whatever this newest IE endangerment is that gives nefarious ne’er-do-wells complete access to your computer just by visiting an innocuous-appearing website).

And perhaps a poster compelling me to examine all facets of having a strong password is an upgrade from graffiti or crude remarks. But honestly, the last thing I want to think about while I’m sitting on a toilet is the strength of my electronic pass-codes. (Don’t quote me on that. I’m sure there are things I would rather not think about more than I would rather not think about passwords, but passwords are extremely low on the list of things I WANT to think about at all–much less in that particular venue.)

I’m truly grateful that my employers are concerned for my online security, but my powder room ponderings are really nothing they ought to meddle with.

Is nothing sacred?




In Which I Say Thank You and Something About World Peace




I’ve received not one, not two, but THREE nominations for a Leibster Award? Awesome!
Many much gratitude to Juliana, Romeo, and Karuna for their nominations. (Click their names to follow the link and check out their blogs!)

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In Which I Share a Slice of Life Unrelated to Dating

What are these?


Catalogues. That’s right–catalogues. 8.5 pound EACH catalogues. Why does one facility need not just one but NINE of these beasts?

Between Grainger and Uline, too many trees die needlessly. Because you know what happens? they get thrown away. 90% of the time, without even being browsed through, much less ordered from. This is why my job sometimes feels like an exercise in futility.

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