Ex Files: The Grammarphobic Need not Send Messages

Received today:

“What’s with women and their rants about grammar? Is that the only thing women learn in school?

You never see enough women at the higher echelons of science or tech discoveries, but yet people rant about a ‘u’ and a ‘you’. Jezuz C people..its called ‘casual conversations’!!. Get over it!”


Dear Sir,

Your strategy of expressing interest by attacking a woman for the contents of her profile is not likely to elicit for you the date you seem to be bitter about failing to have acquired.

If you dislike grammar but the woman whose profile you are perusing seems to care a geat deal about it, move on to a different profile. It’s really quite simple (and saves you the embarrassment of revealing your chauvinistic sexism).

Maybe instead of condemning women for their lack of contribution to the scientific realm, you could simply acknowledge that if a profile contains rants about “u,” the writer simply want to be addressed as an adult rather than a Jr. High student. (Dozens of message asking “How r u? Wld u like 2 chatt???” get old fast. But then, if you are resorting to verbally accosting women whose profiles disqualify you from their consideration, you are probably not having the problem of receiving dozens of messages, are you?)

Furthermore, I have seen many a man’s profile containing similar so-called rants, so it is not just a woman thing. It is an “educated individual seeking a connection with a similarly educated individual” thing. Personally, I would never date a man I could not respect; and as a woman who has acquired a Master’s Degree in English Education, I could never respect a person who could not introduce himself to me using full words and at least an attempt at proper punctuation.

How sad it is that you resent people having enough self respect that they set standards for themselves.

Best wishes in your quest for effortless conquest and low expectations.

By the way, since you seem to be uninformed, you can read about some of the Mothers of Technology here:



The Ex Files: Lost in Translation

Because there is never a dearth of interesting POF exchanges, another ex-files post for today!

Mr. Ex:
good morning, how are you doing today, gorgeous?
[Click to his profile. hmmmm…. no pic. no description. not interested. Nevertheless…. ]

Me: [Again, sans sufficient quantities of caffeine]
Please read my profile and try again.

Mr. Ex:
it is a conversation started. I am originally from central Europe and English is not my native language

[Ten minutes later, after I had not yet responded]

too bad u are that shallow

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Shallow? Because I asked you to read my profile? Specifically the part where I reference that I do not want first messages referencing nothing but my looks?
Oh, poor deluded, European, I commend you for learning multiple languages, but I do not think you understand the definition of shallow.
Best wishes with POF.