In Which I Reflect on Recent Milestones

It’s that time–the transition stage in which the description of this blog requires an update. It began as a the life adventures of a reluctantly single 20-something in her late somethings. Two years later, I can no longer claim those late somethings. It seems I have progressed into far deeper adulthood.

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After blogging for nearly a month, I received my first nasty gram in a comment posted yesterday.

Oddly enough, rather than feeling sad, discouraged, or angry, I felt validated as a writer. Someone disagrees with me, and disagrees with me vehemently enough to write a comment full of emotion, logical fallacies, and slanderous statements!   I feel as if I have crossed some rite of passage and marked a milestone that commemorates my acceptance into the world of blogging.

Dissenters and naysayers! Opposition! Hooray!

The excitement will probably fade after I field a few more of these comments, but for now, I am thrilled to have received, in the midst of affirming encouragement and disinterested apathy, my very first piece of hate mail.

It reads as follows:
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