Quirks in Communication

So you create a profile, fill out some information, post a few pictures, and begin receiving messages from strangers, 95% of which are poorly punctuated, riddled with misspellings, or just plain bland. (Seriously, folks, how much interest do you hope to spark by “Hey”ing someone? Keep in mind  that written text cannot convey the nuanced intonational differences between “hey” and “Heeeeeeeyyyyyy”.)

Everyone has their own methodology for their online dating experience and with that methodology comes a few personal quirks. I am no exception. Despite my admonition to keep expectations low, I have discovered that I have ridiculously high expectations for my online interactions and some severely quirky methodologies to which I tend to adhere (which probably limits me in the grand scheme of things, but since they are part of what makes me me, I might as well accept them, right? If I can’t accept my own randomnosity, how can I hope that someone else will?)

So here are a few of my online communicative quirks:

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Judgmental Elitist Seeks Sarcastic Cohort: a Profile of Prodigious Length and Why

When I first created my profile, It wasn’t much more than a bit of fluff. A lighthearted look at some of my whimsical tendencies, and a smattering of facts about myself:

If I were a season, I would be Autumn–the crisp, golden time of year when the inevitable is faced not with resignation but with bold beauty and passionate defiance. 

I think far too deeply about pretty much everything and view the world in terms of metaphor and meaning. (Half the time. The rest of the time, I talk about it in terms of sarcasm or witty banter.)
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What’s in a Name?

When creating a profile for an online dating service, the very first thing to consider is a pseudonym.

This important piece of information is the first part of your profile you are asked to supply and will be how people think of you and refer to you until you disclose your true identity (if ever you actually choose to).

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Overcoming Objections

If you are like me, the greatest objections to joining an online dating website will probably be your own. As I said in my first post, I scoffed at my coworker when he initially shared that he was meeting a woman from Plenty of Fish. My perception was that seeking ‘help’ in the form of an online dating site was a concession of sorts, the assumption being that if I am resorting to an online service to make connections with people, I must fail at life.

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