In Which “Thank You” is Too Small

In Remembrance

In Which I Smell Like a Campfire

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

[trigger warning: pictures of food that will compel you to abandon your diet (or your good intentions of making healthier choices by reducing your sugar intake)]

Today was a day for improvisation, improvisation which led to the tastiest s’mores I’ve ever eaten. It was a group effort–My sister and bro-in-law brought the graham crackers, the ex-Physicist provided marshmallows and a fire pit (not only do I still hang out with him occasionally, so does my family), and I delved into my chocolate stash. (I don’t nibble on it terribly frequently… the caramel Ghirardelli squares are from Christmas. They are great to always have on hand because one never knows when an impromptu camp fire might happen.)

Click the “Continue Reading” link to see the recipe (with photo guide!) for Ghirardelli Caramel Crunch S’MORES.

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In Which There Are Happy Things

The day is cold and dark and dreary….  So, because it’s so gloomy outside, today I’m focusing on happy, cheerful things.
I don’t have a ton of time to focus on happy cheerful things, however, so this will be a brief post.

I need this clock. Running behind is pretty much the story of my life.


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