Worst Case Wednesday: The Bathing Beauty

How bad is it REALLY?

Yes, people have asked me this. They have scoffed when I have written of the messages I’ve received. They’ve speculated about  how much of what I write is true and how much is exaggeration.

Rest assured, dear reader, that there is no way to overstate the awfulness of some of the encounters one has in the realm of online dating.

Some of it is so awful that it’s funny, and in the interest of this dark, twisted humor, I have decided to start a scheduled feature.
Though I will still post ex-file snippets as they occur (or as I have time accompanied by the ever-elusive motivation), I will also post  a series called “Worst Case Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, I will summarize the most disastrous online dating encounter of the week.

To read/see the Worst Case of the week, you will have to follow the “Click to read more” link.
DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. There are some things you can never unsee.

(You can’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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Worth a Thousand Words

Profile Pictures:

There is simply no excuse for posting an unflattering profile picture on a dating website. None. We live in an age of technology. Nearly every person in America (especially most people on a dating website) owns a cell phone, a laptop, or some other mobile device capable of  taking pictures. So it’s not that hard to take a picture, much less a good one. Maybe yours won’t be professional model-grade quality, but nevertheless, it is not difficult to have some great, interest-garnering pictures.These principles will help you as you choose your profile pictures:

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