In Which God’s Gift to the Female Population Writes a Profile

I’m about to analyze a profile from the female perspective. My words will be in brackets. Everything else is his.

About Him & Who He’s Looking For 

[Spoiler: It’s actually more about who he’s looking for–and she’s a great catch! The question I want to know: Is he????]

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In Which there are Gold Stars and Punny Jokes

What’s with all the Gold stars mentioned in these conversations? Keep reading, you’ll find out.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you understand that I expect a lot from online conversations with strangers. I rarely continue them unless they are engaging; however, I do try to give people something to start with.

This is my current profile.
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Ex Files: Profile Perusement

Message received tonight:

Mr. Ex:
Holy cow.. i thought i had a lengthy profile.. geez louise.. lol
Yeah i read it.. some of it.. most of it..
Dare ya to read mine

[You did? Really? You obviously enjoyed the part in which I discussed capital letters and my affinity for them.]

No, dear reader, I did not go visit his profile.

Showcasing that “Great Personality”

“S/he’s got a great personality.”

Generally when these words are used to describe a person, it’s the universal way of saying, “Dude, s/he’s not hot.”

And those of us who fit into this category (notice I said “us”—more on that later) frequently decry the superficiality of our society, bemoaning that so much is judged by our outward appearance that the ‘great personality’ people rarely get a chance to display that personality, much less receive appreciation for their engaging humor, scintillating wit, brilliant creativity, or whatever else have you.  So I figured an internet profile forum would be an amazing compendium of people capitalizing on allowing their great personality to be showcased prior to a face-to-face encounter which might ordinarily cause them to be overlooked. (My disappointment has been rather profound.)

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