In Which I Address Ideal Readers

Dear Ideal Reader,

Yes, You, with the puzzled expression on your face.

Oh–you didn’t know you were my ideal?

Ok, OK– I’ll confess, if I WERE writing to the idealest of my ideal readers, I would be addressing a tall, dashing, deeply intelligent yet actively compassionate man of stability and means in possession of sound character, soulful eyes, slightly calloused hands, and an amused expression as he reads my blog and finds himself so utterly charmed by my scintillating wit that he feels compelled to send me a (well-written, erudite without being pretentious, humorous) email of introduction because he must know more about the fascinating creature who has penned such insightful reflections on her life. (But if that were a scenario which had even a fraction of a percent of a chance of being a realistic expectation, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog in the first place, now would I? ^_^) Which brings us back to you.

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In Which We Revisit the Very Beginning

The Zero to Hero Day #3 challenge asks participants to write the post on their mind the day we decided to start a blog.

Since I’ve already done that, rather than reinventing the wheel, we can just revisit the night I decided to plunge into online dating.

A leap of faith?

An act of desperation?

You choose. ^_^

In Which I Say Hello to New Followers

I have acquired several new followers in the past two weeks; and though I’m confident that the vast majority are follow-farming, one or two of you seem like legitimate humans who followed my blog because you actually wanted to read what I have to say (You poor, deluded souls… ^_-)

If that is the case, I should introduce myself.

Euphonic Charity is synonymous for musical love, and this blog is the space
In which I recount the (mis)adventures of a (reluctantly) single twenty-something in her late somethings.

It began as the tale of my online dating adventures.

On October 30, 2013, I created a profile for Plenty of Fish. Thus ensued grand adventures in which I exchanged computer text pleasantries, met with random strangers, and lived to tell the tale (and even formed a few unexpected friendships). Did I find love? Not yet. But you can read about my random (frequently hilarious) journey as I attempted to navigate online romance in posts dated November-December 2013.

I took a break from updating when casual dating turned into an actual relationship with The Physicist (preservation of privacy, ethics, and whatnot). And now I’m currently on a dating hiatus following the end of that relationship. But have I stopped writing? Of course not. One doesn’t cease having (mis)adventures merely because the nature of the adventure changes.

To live is an awfully big adventure.

But it’s always more fun when adventure is shared, so be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can receive notification when new posts are added. (I’m not exactly on a posting schedule, so updates tend to be sporadic).

Disclaimer: All of these posts represent my own thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I do speak in the assumption that there are others out there who share my opinions (Or who will at least find them amusing. ^_-)