Wonderful, Weird, and Wildly Appropriate Adventures of a Closet Cat-lady

I used to claim that irony follows me around like a lost puppy and sheds on those who spend too much time with me.

But not all of the irony is bad–Most of the time, it just causes me to shake my head and say “Only in MY Life…”

So, sit back, sip a cup of tea, and enjoy the fun.
Things tagged in this category will generally be odd stories so wonderfully weird that you will wonder what I was (or wasn’t) thinking ^_^

Stories like:

The first time I used Weirdnerful and decided to add it to my lexicon 

The time my Ex-Physicist rescued me from a snowstorm

Receiving a stun gun as a Christmas present

A typical kitchen disaster turning into something edible

Deciding that my socks need marriage counseling

Brainstorming a socially unacceptable baking club

Being Found By Crazy Search Terms

Realizing that Ice Cream is More Athletically Inclined than I Am

Discovering False Advertisement on Craigslist


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